Monthly Archives: June 2014

Lowering unemployment

You want to decrease US unemployment; here are some REAL, liberal answers:
(1) Build out the new technology; maglev trains, fiberoptic networks, new rail freight neworks, a smart grid, massive renewables development in the southwest (solar farms) and in the dakotas (wind farms). This provides loads of high-paying jobs, makes us energy independent (with free, endless fuel), and spurs the industries of tomorrow. Pay for it my massive taxes on fossil fuel profits as we phase to the technology of tomorrow.

(2) Refuse to do business with any country that does not adopt stringent pollution standards and a minimum wage of $10 US. This will return a level playing field where we use our consumption power to force th wages of everyone in the world to rise, decreasing the incentive to offshore and providing BILLIONS of new consumers.

(3) Set a cap on earnings. All income over $50 million to be taxed at 100%. Nobody can spend that much, possibly, ever, unless they do something like buy the world’s grain supply and burn it. If they wish, they can give the money to a charity of their choice or do it like the Gates’ themselves. In return, these people are given the “freedom of the planet” and allowed to do pretty much what they like and are treated as elder statesman. Give them status, not money. Because money over $50 million is just status anyway.

(4) Cut the workweek worldwide to 35 hours a week. This will end unemployment. Increase the minimum wage to compensate for the lost hours.

The sum of all these ideas is that instead of having a handful of people locking away 90% of the worlds wealth in vaults in the cayman islands, we have the vast majority of humanity getting a fair days pay for a fair days work, and humanity as a whole is far, far better off. Sure, some billionaire might only have 2.5 billion in the bank rather than 5.4 billion. Boo Hoo. He will manage somehow.