The Occult

Reading another blog on the “evils of Harry Potter”, as a satanic intro to witchcraft, blah blah blah, I have one simple thing to say.

In the Harry Potter books, there is good (Harry Potter and friends) and there is evil (Voldemort and friends).

In Christianity, there is good (Jesus, some charities, etc.) and there is evil (the inquisition, intolerance, burning heretics, bigotry, self-righteousness, hatred, fear and arrogance).

Some Christians confuse following one religion or another as “good” and following another (or none) as “evil”.

However, it’s pretty clear to the rest of us what constitutes good and what constitutes evil.

It doesn’t matter what name you invoke as you carry out your actions,  it matters what actions that you carry out. Genocide is evil, no matter which god you do it on behalf of. The love of a gay person for another is still a good. The desire to inflict your ideas on another can be good or evil, depending on how you carry this out, not on the ideas.

While there are dark aspects to Harry Potter’s character, as there are in all of us, the important part is that he strives to do the good thing.  The fact that he carries a wand is about as relevant as the fact that you might carry a cross.

Good and Evil are not bounded by what myths you believe in, but in how you behave.

Don’t be evil.


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