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How to reform the US government

I write here about the US government, but some of these ideas (which I will add to over time) will apply to other governments also.


In school, children are taught debate as follows: Team A and Team B are picked, sometimes at random, and then they are given a topic, and sometimes even a position to take on that topic, which they then defend using as many rhetorical tricks as possible. The goal is to win the game.

This system carries over into the US politics, where politicians, who often have no interests but retaining power, adopt one or another party, and then use rhetorical techniques (and other techniques that are less savory) to win their party’s position.

The problem of this approach is that debate in congress is meaningless; the only thing that matters is the vote count to decide the winner at the end, and that is predetermined by the results of the election. Party whips ensure that this is true. The result is that what we call “political debate” is merely a series of set talking points, rhetorical fighting, and feeding red meat to the party base.

So here is the ALTERNATIVE:

Instead of having debates between politicans in the house, have debates between people who have a vested interest in the issue at hand, together with facts provided by experts, both independent experts and experts picked by the debaters. So, for example, in a house debate on going to war with a country, you would have historians, army leaders, peace protesters, foreign leaders etc. debating on the house floor in front of the house of representatives.

At the end of the debate, the politicians would retire and could discuss the issue among themselves over a glass of brandy and a cigar if need be; they could also consult their constituents. After some time, maybe a week, they could come back and formally vote on the issue.

This alternative will not affect the nature of representative democracy; the politicians can still vote along party lines and probably will be inclined to do so.

What it will do is to end the meaningless college debating society level of meaningless posturing by the politicians and replace it with a space in which the stakeholders can present their positions to the politicians.


Homosexuals are people too, my friend.

What is it about FREEDOM that conservatives cannot understand?

What happens in someone’s bedroom is none of your business. It is not up to you to examine their actions and decide if they are perverse or not, no more than you would want someone examining what you do in your bedroom and passing moral judgement on you. If it is consensual between rational adults, then it simply is none of your business. None. Get a life and stop worrying what is going on behind closed doors.

And as to what is happening in front of closed doors – public hand-holding, marriage and the rest of it, again, if you do it, they are entitled to do it. Like inter-racial marriage, it is simply no concern of yours who other people choose to marry. Just like I dont criticize you for marrying a fat dumb blonde who thinks that evolution is a sin.

Consider homosexuality a religion, if you will. Usually, one’s sexual identity is not a choice, whereas your perverse religions are, but I’m not really concerned with that right now in favor of the FREEDOM argument. So its a choice, a RELIGION.

That means that all their PRACTICES are none of your business, or the State’s business, no more than the state should be regulating baptism, confirmation, bar mitzvahs or goat-slaughtering. Unless you want Big Government to regulate YOUR marriage practices, then quit trying to get Big Government to interfere with THEIR marriage practices.

Simply put, I think religion is a pile of perverse freaky wierd deviant garbage. But I dont care what you do behind closed church doors – that’s YOUR business, not mine. I am not trying to ban your re-enactments of the killing of god and then eating his corpse, nor your talking in tongues, playing with snakes or eating dirt. In your own homes, in your own churches, you can do what you like. You can worship fertilized eggs as chickens, anything.

All I ask in return is that you afford the same courtesy to others that you expect to be afforded to you.

And if you dont, why then maybe its time to get the government to start poking into YOUR practices.