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The way the world works

Michael Chertoff, appointed as head of Homeland Security under George DUBYA Bush,

(1) Insisted on installing Rapiscan full body scanners at all airports in America.

(2) Started a lobbying firm that was then hired by Rapiscan (here’s your payback)

Jon Corzine:

CEO of Goldman Sachs; member of the Bilderberg group; Democrat Senator for NY (spent $62 million of his own money to buy the election; $33 million of which was used to buy the primary

] In 2002, he proposed a tax cut that exempted the first $10,000 of income from the $765 of Social Security taxes for both employers and employees. Corzine also proposed making dividend payments tax deductible to companies as a form of economic stimulus.

Corzine was appointed CEO and Chairman of MF Global, a multinational futures broker and bond dealer, in March 2010. On October 31, 2011, trading was halted on shares of MF Global prior to the market opening, and soon thereafter MF Global announced that it had declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Shortly afterwards, federal regulators began an investigation into hundreds of millions of dollars in missing customer funds.  It was reported that Corzine declined a severance package worth $12.1 million.


As long as Americans keep voting for these crooks, right and left, the rich will get richer and everyone else will get poorer.

And we will keep fighting for our crook over their crook.